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Despite UN Warning, Russia Again Bombs Kafer Nabl Hospital

November 18, 2019
Russian airstrikes on Kafr Nabl's Surgical Hospital in Syria, early May 2019, Agence France-Presse Russian airstrikes on Kafr Nabl's Surgical Hospital in Syria, early May 2019, Agence France

Unintended Consequence? Turkish Operation Poised to Return Control of Northern Syria to Assad

October 17, 2019

Just over a week in, Turkey’s continuing incursion into Northern Syria has precipitated significant changes on multiple fronts.  According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), as of October 14 the fighting has forced up to 300,000 to flee

Humanitarian Catastrophe: Hundreds of Thousands Displaced as Shelling Escalates in Southern Idlib Countryside

September 13, 2019

During the past few weeks, regime forces targeted several towns in the northern countryside of Hama and the southern countryside of Idlib, which led to a large wave of displacement towards the northern countryside near the Syrian-Turkish border.

Everywhere but Nowhere: Yassin Al-Haj Saleh's Understanding of Exiles

September 4, 2019
Following the Arab uprisings, the displacement of millions of Syrians has raised the phenomenon of collective exiles, seen in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Germany. Al-Haj Saleh’s emerging account on exile is one of the accounts that tapped into the subject of exile in light of these uprisings.

Syria's Urbicide: The Built Environment as a Means to Consolidate Homogeneity

July 26, 2019

Executive Summary

The Syrian regime has been significantly tampering with the built environment in Syria over the past years in order to realise and sustain political achievements. This paper explores this dimension of the Syrian conflict through the lens of urbicide. It argues that different violent urban arrangements - both destructive and constructive - have been enforced in the Syrian context to consolidate the regime’s authoritarian power and eradicate socio-political diversity. These arrangements include:

The Larger Battle for Aleppo: The Removal of US Troops From Syria and the Struggle for Provincial Aleppo

July 26, 2019


Aleppo city has fallen. The Assad Regime has re-imposed its authority over eastern Aleppo.
However, the relevancy of the Aleppo Governorate is no less diminished. As the war enters
its eighth year, the majority of fighting has shifted north where the many actors have gathered
to determine the fate of their claimed territories. Under the control of various militaries,
both foreign and domestic, the nearly six million inhabitants of the region are left with little
control over who governs them and how.