At the moment the Shattuck Center is focused on research projects, mainly The Aleppo Project, as well as hosting workshops and events such as the Lemkin Reunion. Currently there are no courses being taught by CCNR Faculty but the center continues to collaborate with students through our internship program and as a resource for the university.

Below are previous courses taught by the center.


Past Courses 

The Aleppo Project (Part 1 and 2)

Instructor: Robert Templer

Credits: 2.0

Course description:
Fall and Winter Term - Year One and Two Elective Course

AOC: Security
The Aleppo Project is an open, inter-disciplinary collaboration that focuses on the past, present and possible futures of the Syrian city of Aleppo, the oldest continually inhabited city on earth. This course is a 4-credit, two-term lab class in which students will study various aspects of policymaking around conflict, urbanism, mapping, data and GIS, culture, economics, planning and conflict analysis. They will then work individually and in groups to develop research for the Aleppo Project on policies that may be helpful. In the Fall Term students will study conflict in cities, issues around refugees, mapping, gender issues, housing and architectural issues relating to conflict and aid responses to urban conflict. Students will also draw on analytical tools from other classes in their work. In the Winter Term, students will work alongside students from Columbia University on projects involving new mapping tools, data analysis and real-world research to produce policy papers for The Aleppo Project. The class is open to any students from all departments but they must commit to two terms and the completion of a publishable policy paper in order to receive a grade at the end of the Winter Term.