Advisory Panel

John Shattuck
Former President and Rector, Central European University

Sippi Azarbaijani-Moghaddam
Development consultant and gender expert

Suliman Baldo
Expert on transitional justice, human rights, conflict, and Sudan

Kate Bourne
Public health consultant; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Wagner School, New York University

Reg Chua
Editor, Data and Innovation, Thomson Reuters

Xenia Dormandy
Head, US and the Americas Programme; Dean, Queen Elizabeth II Academy, Chatham House

Comfort Ero
Africa Director, International Crisis Group

Anders Fange
Founder, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Mark Freeman
Founding Director, Institute for Integrated Transitions, Barcelona

Nimmi Gowrinathan
Development consultant focusing on women in conflict; Visiting Professor, Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, City College of New York

Menaka Guruswamy
Lawyer, Supreme Court of India

Peter Harling
Political consultant, Beirut

Naimatullah Ibrahimi
Founder, Afghanistan Watch

Sidney Jones
Founding Director, Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, Jakarta

Mathieu Lefevre
Senior Advisor, Quicit

Ian Martin
Former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Libya, Nepal and East Timor; Former Secretary-General, Amnesty International; Executive Director, Security Council Report, United Kingdom

Charles Petrie
Former UN Resident Coordinator, Myanmar

Tamrat Samuel
Former Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General, in Liberia (2013-2015) and in Nepal (2007-2008); Non-Resident Fellow, NYU Center on International Cooperation

Adam Schwarz
Founding Partner and CEO, Asia Group Advisors