Past Affiliates


Tamilla Dauletbayeva, Passion Project Team

Tamilla worked as a program manager of Democracy Commission Grants Program at the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. Her major and most recent project was Women Empowerment Project. It was a follow up program resulted after Secretary's Clinton initiative on Women Economic Symposiums worldwide in 2011. This regional program's aim is to educate, empower and provide basis of financial education thus independence and security for girls and women in Central Asia.
Tamilla's interest in the Passion Project on involvement of refugees in reconstruction processes is derived from her work with ethnic Kazakhs (oralmans) returning back to Kazakhstan from Eastern China. She monitored US Embassy Projects on including returnees in social and political life in host communities.

Attila Mester, Passion Project Team

Attila was graduated in Cultural Anthropology in 2000, he has 10 years long work experience in the civil sector, working on social inclusion and sustainable development. Recently he is working in segregated rural (mainly Roma) communities on low-tech sustainability projects that integrate environmental and social sustainability with concrete technological solutions (appropriate technologies), such as producing fuel for the winter using agricultural waste (bio-briquette), insulation with straw or developing cheap and efficient stoves.
In the Passion Project team Attila can contribute with his proficiency in project management, community development and working with people from different socio-cultural background. The main attractiveness of the Passion Project for him is the element of empowerment, including the people affected by a problem in the process of dealing with the problem.

Yuxin Wang, Passion Project Team


Born and raised in Sichuan, China, Yuxin Wang graduated from Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University in 2013 with a BA in English. During university, he served as the editor-in-chief of the Voice of Campus Broadcasting Station. Before coming to Central European University, he taught English in rural Thailand and interned at China's largest social enterprise Canyou Group to help improving the lives of the physically challenged people. 
Joining the passion project team at the Centre for Conflict, Negotiation and Recovery, Yuxin works with his team members Attila Mester and Tamilla Dauletbayeva to research and design mechanisms to bring Syrian refugees into the policy process surrounding the reconstruction process in the cities after the sever warfare.