Session 4

Security Implications of Transactional Foreign Policy

July 3, 14:00

Panel Chair:

    • Cameran Ashraf, Assistant professor at the School of Public Policy,  human rights defender, and co-founder of international human rights and technology organization AccessNow


    • Maryna Vorotnyuk, Researcher, Center for European Neighborhood Studies, Central European University. 
      Topic: Security Deadlocks in the Black Sea Region

    • John Lee Candelaria, Author, Ph.D. Student, Hiroshima University.   
      Topic: W(h)ither ASEAN Centrality? Effect of Duterte’s Foreign Policy on ASEAN

    • Julia Buxton, Professor of Comparative Politics, Central European University.  
      Topic: Understanding the Weakness of the Venezuelan Opposition: US Transactionalism in 'Democracy Promotion'

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