Session 2

How Transactional Foreign Policy Impacts Prevention of and Accountability for Atrocities

July 2, 14:00

Panel Chair: 

  • Kirsten Roberts Lyer, Associate Professor, Central European University School of Public Policy; Acting Director, Shattuck Center on Conflict, Negotiation and Recovery


  • Mohammad Al Abdallah, Director, Syria Justice and Accountability Center.
    Topic: Striving for Accountability in Syria

  • Ondřej Klimeš, Researcher, the Oriental Institute, the Czech Academy of Sciences. 
    Topic: The Uyghur Factor in Sino-Turkish Relations

  • Rumi Akter, Graduate Student, Central European University.
    Topic: How China’s Corporate Interest in Myanmar’s Rakhine State Fueled the Rohingya Genocide

  • Mariana Goetz, Founder/Director, Rights for Peace. 
    Topic: Field Perspectives on the Rights of Victims of Atrocity Crimes in an Increasingly Transactional World

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